Savings Account
Saving account is an interest bearing deposit account. In a saving account one can deposit cash securely and earn interest.

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Current Account
It is a non interest bearing bank account that allows customer to make frequent transactions and access a wide range of banking services

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Star Savings Account
This product is designed to facilitate the customers who want to deposit more amount than that of normal saving accountholders.

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Fixed Deposit
Customer can deposit a lump sum money in fixed deposits for a specific period and interest rate.

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Shanchay Plus
At this one can deposit BDT 100,000 or it’s multiple and will receive a handsome amount of interest on simple basis from his/her investment.

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Deposit Pension Scheme
It is a special savings plan with various tenures and amount which allows one to deposit monthly and receive a handsome amount at maturity.

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Monthly Benefit Plus
One can deposit BDT 2,00,000 or it’s multiple and will receive a monthly handsome amount of interest from his/ her investment

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Double Benefit Plus
At this scheme customer will receive double of his / her deposited money (Principal + Interest) at the end of tenure

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Triple Benefit Plus
At this scheme customer will receive triple of his / her deposited amount (Principal + Interest) at the end of tenor.

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Shonchoy E Koti Poti
This deposit products specially designed product to make our customers into a millionaire.

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“Achol” is a specially designed scheme deposit products for woman. Only woman individual aged 18 years and above can open the “Achol” account. It is a DPS type account with preferential rate.

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Duronto Account
“Vromon” is one of the diversified products offered by Bank Asia. It is specially designed for travelers. It is a short term recurring deposit account for travelers.

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“Nirvabna” is a monthly benefit account specially designed for the senior citizen.

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