Money Market & Fixed Income

Bank's deposit and advance are not always well matched. There is always gap in asset and liability depending upon its business. These gaps of fund are managed by money market desk of Group Treasury. It also monitors banks upcoming funded commitment and plan accordingly. Besides, Fixed income desks invest in different securities products for SLR as well as for earning arbitrage income. Moreover, Group Treasury also provides service to interested individual/institutional investor of Govt. Treasury securities.Products available for money market & Fixed Income desks are:

  • Overnight Wholesale Money Market
  • Term Money Market
  • Repo / Reverse Repo
  • Swap
  • Trading of approved securities
  • Investment management for individual or institutional investor

For details, please call Group Treasury :
Land Phone: +88-02-9577820, +88-02-9515107, +88-02-9578219
Mobile: +88-01700702499, +88-01700702498