Everyone knows that saving energy is a good thing, but most people will only be motivated when we can demonstrate just how much energy they are wasting, and just how much potential there is for them to improve. If your organization wants to save energy, simple changes in people's behavior can quickly lead to significant energy savings, but such changes will only happen if the people are aware of the energy consumption that they have the power to control. Since the inception of our corporate Office from 2011, Bank Asia ensuring the maximum usage of natural day light to reduce the energy consumption substantially in contrast with other mainstream constructions. Moreover, energy savings bulbs consist of a third of the total lighting system here. As a result, more than 40% electricity is saved every year using the day light in side corporate office. E-mail has been the focus of both internal and external communications with an aim to reduce the paper consumption since 2005 thereby reduce deforestation.

Energy Consumption

Energy Type 2018 2017
Electricity 111.72 93.97
Fuel & CNG 1 3.95 10.40

Solar Powered Branches

We have already installed solar panels in our 11 branches located at Patherhat, Madhobdi, Dohajari, Hajigonj, Faridpur, Elephant Road, Lalmatia, Sonaimuri, Bashabo SME service Centre, Bank Asia Bhaban&Nimtola Branch.

Solar Home System

Bank Asia is committed to enlighten every rural home with green electricity. At present, only about 40% of the rural households in Bangladesh have access to grid electricity. For the rest of the areas are not connected to the national grid, life comes to almost a standstill there after sun-set. Giving priority in this sector, Bank Asia has been supporting to import and install solar home systems in the off grid area