Bank Asia Islamic Banking

Alhamdulillah, All the praises and thanks be to Allah (SWT), who blesses us with the opportunity to launch Islamic Banking Operation in Bank Asia Limited. As a commercial Bank working in a largest Muslim community, it is our humble & corporate social responsibility to honour the spirit & thrust of religiously guided people who prefer Shariah based banking and we have, therefore, started our Islamic banking Operation.

Historical Background

Bank Asia started its Islamic Banking operations in December 2008 and now operating five Islamic Banking Windows – 3 in Dhaka, 1 in Chittagong and 1 in Sylhet.

The preparation to start Islamic Banking operations in the Bank was as if it were the preparation to start a new bank. The maiden business operation of Islamic Banking unit in Bank Asia could be compared with the new bank operation unlike a new department.

The Board of Directors of Bank Asia Limited decided to enter into the realm of Islamic Banking in the year 2004. In 2008, Bank Asia had the fortune to obtain NOC of Bangladesh Bank to go for Islamic Banking under the Islamic Window concept within conventional branches.

Being guided by prominent Islamic Banking Consultant, Mr. M. Azizul Huq, we developed fresh modus operandi for operations of Islamic Banking Windows in conventional bank. Thus we started a new era of Islamic Banking through inauguration of its first Islamic Banking Window at the Bank’s Uttara Branch in Dhaka on the 24th December, 2008.

The Bank provides this services by separate Islamic Banking software i-Hikmah and real time online Islamic Banking services from the entire network under the exclusive brand ‘SALAMAH’ (means purity).

For distributing profit among the Mudaraba Depositors, Bank Asia Islamic Banking has developed a module based on Income Sharing Ratio [ISR], the first of its kind in Bangladesh. In this module Bank offers an ISR to the every individual Mudaraba depositors and actual profit is calculated every month on the basis of that ratio. ISR based unique profit distribution system on Mudaraba deposit has given our Islamic banking services much acclaim and wide acceptance.

In 2016, Bank Asia obtained formal permission from Bangladesh Bank to provide Online based financial transaction facilities through all outlets of the Bank to the clients of our Islamic Banking Windows. Under the permission of Bangladesh Bank, we are now offering more diversified deposit and investment products to meet the growing needs to the online customers through all outlets of the bank. To make the venture successful, our Islamic Banking conducted several training programs, both on-the-job & off-the-job, to all the concerned officials of the bank. We hope that through the expanded network, our Islamic Banking would flourish exponentially.

Later 2017, we have started our Islamic Banking activities under Agent Banking framework through 25 piloting outlets using separate software for conducting its business activities. We hope that this would create stronger brand image of Islamic Banking and would contribute more in the overall profitability of the Bank.

Islamic Banking of Bank Asia has been passing the 11th year of its operations starting from the Islamic Window concept. Now, Islamic banking is following virtual Window model. For Islamic deposit and investment business, the Bank is simultaneously using all of its distribution Channels, i.e. Conventional Branches, SME Centers, and Agent Banking Outlets through online services beside the dedicated Islamic Banking Windows.​


Our Mission

Achievement of sustainable economic growth with justice & equity with the divine framework and excellence in practicing Corporate Social Responsibility inherent in the Islamic Banking System.

Our Objectives

  • Provide interest-free banking service to the clients.
  • Develop a group of entrepreneurs with Islamic values.
  • Strengthening the Qualitative Foundation of Islamic Banking System.
  • Upgrading Technology and Human Resource for Islamic Banking.
  • Contributing substantially in the global profit of Bank Asia.

Uniqueness of Our Islamic Banking

  • Rich Shariah Supervisory Committee consisting of qualified Faqih (expert on Islamic Jurisprudence), Islamic scholars & professionals.
  • Income Sharing Ratio—ISR based unique profit distribution system on Mudaraba deposit, 1st time in Bangladesh.
  • Distinguished and Shariah complied Deposit & Investment products for Islamic Banking.
  • Distinct Finance & Accounts and separate Financial Statement for Islamic Banking operations.
  • Separate team of human resources in Islamic Banking Windows and Corporate Office including Shariah Compliance, Investment/ Credit Risk Management, Investment Administration, Accounting & Fund Management.
  • Separate Islamic Banking Software – HIKMAH to provide Real-Time Online Banking service from all of our branches.
  • Pioneer in Musharaka investment among the Islamic Banking Window/Branch operators in the country.
  • Window operations at branch level with separate Entrance, Cash Counter and Human resources.
  • Precursor in Window based Islamic Banking Module in Bangladesh.
  • One of the best Shariah compliant among Islamic Banking operators.
  • Availability of Islamic Banking service from every branch and every Agent outlets through online system.

Partnership with CYFI

Bank Asia is offering a school banking product named Smart Junior Saver from its Islamic Banking unit. The product is designed for the children / students who are under 18 years of age with a bundle of benefits including higher Income Sharing Ratio (ISR), Gift & Financial Aid for Bright students. The product was launched in November 2011.
Partnership with CYFI
With a view to expanding the arena of banking service and contributing to the next generation, the management of the Bank decided to establish partnership with Child and Youth Finance International (CYFI) in October 2012.
About CYFI
Child and Youth Finance International (CYFI) is a global multi-stakeholder network established in July 2011
CYFI has been established as a not-for-profit Dutch foundation with a two-tier board governance structure and a Partners Assembly.
CYFI is working for increasing financial protection and empowerment of children and youth around the world.
CYFI supports high quality financial education and safe & reliable financial inclusion for children & youth.
Secretariat of CYFI is situated at Amsterdam, Netherlands.
Objectives of the Partnership with CYFI
Short Term:
Familiarize young generation and their families with financial knowledge & services
Educate the children how to spend and save thus create financial awareness
Expand social awareness of savings habit & Islamic values in the children.
Encourage the kids to score bright result through rewarding brilliant students
Long Term
Bring the children and students under the umbrella of our banking service
Ensure financial inclusion of future clients from fresh generation with superior mentality.
Target of Bank Asia through Partnership
To reach 1,00,000 children & students through financials inclusion and Knowledge Sharing on financial system by 2015

Investors Relationship Contact Person

Contact Person : Mohammed Monzur Morshed Bhuiyan
Telephone Number : +88 02- 47110062, 47110247, 47113867, 47110278, 47110173, 47115813, Ext-301
Fax No : +88 02 9514820
Cell No. : +88 01711 198 680
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