“Vromon” is one of the diversified products offered by Bank Asia. It is specially designed for travelers. It is a short term recurring deposit account for travelers.

Key Features  

  • Attractive and competitive interest rates
  • No hidden charges
  • SOD loan facilities can be availed against the deposit.
  • No online charges for monthly deposit
  • Customer will enjoy charge free Savings Account which is used only for the “Vromon” account purpose
  • Deposit tenure: 1, 2, and 3 years
  • Installment size from Tk. 1,975.00 to 16,260.00 monthly

Terms and Condition: 

  • Only individual 18 years and above age can open this account.
  • Account can be opened jointly in the name of maximum 02 (Two) persons.
  • The individual must have an account, which will be linked with the scheme account. The installment of scheme account will be automatically transferred from the link account. The customer must ensure availability of the installment in the link account on or before the 10th day of the month.
  • In case of 10th day is holiday, next working day will be treated as last date for depositing the installment. The branches open on Saturday will not be treated as working day.
  • The late payment penalty of the account will be as follows:
Package Penalty per month
For 1 year package 2.0% of Installment size
For 2 year package 2.5% of Installment size
For 3 year package 3.0% of Installment size
  • No half yearly/yearly service charge will be applicable, if the link account is used only for scheme account. If the link account is used as normal transacting account, then service charge will be applicable.
  • A person will be allowed to open multiple number of scheme account with a single link account. However, the installment size of the scheme will not be same for each account.
  • If the account holder wants to discontinue the scheme and desires to encash the same:
    • Before completion of one year in any package, only principal amount will be refunded after deduction of excise duty.
    • After completion of 01 year but before 02 years as applicable for 2nd and 3rdpackages, s/he will be entitled to get 1% less than prevailing savings bank interest rate of 1st band on simple basis.
    • On completion of 02 years up to any maturity tenure as applicable for 3rd package, s/he will be entitled to get prevailing savings interest rate of 1st band on simple basis.
  • Loan facility against deposited amount would be available as per existing SOD policy of the Bank.
  • Be it a complete tenure or premature encashment, interest from the products is subject to deduction of Source Tax, Excise Duty and other levies (if any). Customer will bear all the relevant Source Tax, excise duty and other levies as per govt. laws and regulation or instruction of NBR.
  • In case of default in depositing for 06 (six) months, the contract will be automatically cancelled and deposited amount will be transferred to the linked account after necessary deduction. Lien instruments will be inactive and interest accrual will be stopped.



1 Year Package
Monthly Savings Final Value
4065 50,000
8130 100,000
12195 150,000
16260 200,000
2 Year Package
Monthly Savings Final Value
1975 50,000
3950 100,000
5925 150,000
7900 200,000
9875 250,000
11850 300,000
3 Year Package
Monthly Savings Final Value
2550 100,000
5100 200,000
7650 300,000
8925 350,000
10200 400,000
12750 500,000