Bank Asia Shariah Supervisory Committee

We, at bank Asia Limited always consider the Shariah compliance as our most significant & strategic priority in Islamic Banking. To ensure our Products & services comply with the principles of Islamic Shariah, we have constituted Bank Asia Shariah Supervisory Committee consisting of qualified Faqihs (expert on Islamic law) Islamic Scholars & professionals to ensure Shariah compliance in each & every operation.

Bank Asia Shariah Supervisory Committee consists of the following members:


Sl. Name of the Member Brief Profile Status
01. Janab M. Azizul Huq - Chairman, Executive Committee, Central Shariah Board for Islamic Banks of Bangladesh (CSBIB)
- Chairman, Shariah Supervisory Committee, Dhaka Bank , City Bank, AB Bank, IFIL
- 1st Chief Executive, Islami Bank Bangladesh Ltd.
- 1st Managing Director, Social Islami Bank Ltd. and Islamic Finance & Investment Ltd.
02. Janab Rumee A Hossain - Chairman, Executive Committee
- Board of the Directors, Bank Asia Limited
Member [From the Board]
03. Janab Mohammad Mofazzal Hussain Khan - Ex-Member, Board of Governors, Islamic Foundation
- Trainer, Islamic Bank Training & Research Academy
- Trainer, Modern Arabic Language, Army Head Quarter & Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Faqih Member
04. Janab Dr. Md. Gazi Zahirul Islam - Director General, Kuwait Joint Relief Committee, Bangladesh Office
- Associate professor & Dean Religious Science Faculty Darul Ihsan University, Uttara Campus
Faqih Member
05. Janab Mufti Abdul Mannan - Mufti, Darul Ifta Bangladesh
- Ex-member, Shariah Council, AB Bank
- Writer, Islamic Foundation Bangladesh
Faqih Member
06. Janab Mawlana Shah Mohammad Wali Ullah - Member Secretary, Shariah Supervisory Committee, Social Islami Bank Ltd.
- Imam & Khatib, Subhanbagh Masjid, Dhaka
- Speaker, ATN Bangla and Peace TV Bangla
Faqih Member
07. Janab Mawlana Dr. Muhammad Ismail Hussain - Professor & Head, Arabic Language and Islamic Studies, Darul Ihsan University
- Editor, Monthly SONGSKAR
Faqih Member
08. President & Managing Director Ex-Officio from Bank Asia Limited Member
09. Head of Islamic Banking Ex-Officio from Bank Asia Limited Member


* Since the 22nd December 2015. Previously Mufti Abdur Rahman had been discharging duties as the Chairman of Bank Asia Shariah Supervisory Committee (BASSC) since 2008, the beginning of Islamic Banking operations of Bank Asia. He passes away on the 10th November 2015. Inna lilahi wa inna lilahi rajioon. May Allah ta ala have mercy on him forgive any sins and enter him to al Jannah and finally let join us all in Jannathul Firdaws. Amin!

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