Bank Asia Offers various type of deposit products ensuring handsome income of the customers. In Bank Asia Shanchay Plus one can deposit BDT 1,00,000 or it’s multiple and will receive a handsome amount of interest from his/her investment

Key Features:

  • Attractive return on deposit amount
  • Flexible deposit tenures 12 months, 24 months, 36 months
  • No hidden charges
  • Freedom to encash at three mentioned points of time with interests.
  • SOD loan facilities
  • Maximum deposit tenure is 3 years
  • Deposit amount starts with Tk. 100,000 or its multiple
  • Maximum deposit amount under single name Tk. 10,000,000
  • Maximum deposit amount under joint name is Tk. 20,000,000

Documents Required

  • Completed account opening form
  • Passport size photograph for each account holder and nominee(s)
  • Proof of identification such as national/Voter's ID, Passport or Driving License of customer & Nominee(s)
  • Tax Identification Number (TIN)

Terms and Conditions:

  • Only individuals can open this account
  • Maximum two person can open a joint account
  • Conditions for early encashment:
    • 0-11 Months: No interest will be paid
    • 12-23 Months: Only one year interest will be paid. Interest Amount : BDT 7,500/-
    • 24-35 Months: Only two years interest will be paid. Interest Amount : BDT 16,000/-
    • 36 Months: Maturity Value. . Interest Amount : BDT 27,000/-
  • All the relevant source tax, excise duty and other levies as per govt. laws and regulation or instruction of NBR.