International Division

International Division

Bring together the entire global financial institutions under a single umbrella of Bank Asia to serve the customers needs with the highest priority of caring so that Bank Asia can establish a long term bondage with the customers and global financial institutions. 

Bank Asia is the leading private bank in Bangladesh recognized thorough out the world for its commercial awareness and commitment to its valued clients and stakeholders providing a complete solution of International Trade operations. To cope up with the enhanced clients’ needs, Bank Asia is processing its trade transaction in centralized and decentralized ways thorough out the country. International Division facilitates the International Trade Business of the bank. International Trade is one of challenging area of banking operations yielding higher income for a bank. Globalization has made it very dynamic and at the same time very risky to operate. With the growing number of customers and challenges in pattern of International Trade, Bank Asia is providing the best quality of services to its valued customers and stakeholders among the private commercial banks in Bangladesh.

Our key credentials are :

  • Experienced professionals having sound profession background with international standard degree like CDCS, CSDG, CITF etc.
  • An understanding of how financial markets work and how they are developing.
  • A comprehensive knowledge of current and likely future regulatory and market developments.
  • An ability to advise quickly and effectively in crisis.
  • Centralized operation for all Non-Authorized Dealer branches.
  • Bank’s own core banking system.
  • Strong correspondence relationship with over 750 correspondent banks across the globe.
  • Credit rating of our bank : AA2 in the Long Term and ST-2 in the Short Term
  • Have financial exposure both funded and non-funded with International Finance Corporation (IFC) and Asian Development Bank (ADB)
  • Fully complied bank in the eyes of Central Bank and other regulatory bodies.
  • Highly professional, skilled and experienced Board of Directors
  • Offshore Banking Unit (OBU) for own bank and others’ bank customers.
  • We help clients benefit from longer financing tenors, cost-effective pricing and additional sources of liquidity.


Our key products on trade finance

Import and Export :

We have 21 Authorized Dealer branches in mainly Dhaka and Chittagong to process all types of conventional and islamic import and export transactions. Each branch has dedicated highly experienced professional having sound profession background to process import and export transaction under one stoppage service point. In addition to 21 AD Branches, we have two Central Trade Operation Units in Dhaka and Chittagong to process the import and export transactions of both conventional and islamic of the Non-Authorized Dealers branches all over the country. We have another Offshore Banking Unit to process the import and export transaction of offshore and onshore clients of our bank.

Remittance Business :

We have a dedicated Remittance Department to process the private and commercial remittance of both inward and outward. We have several arrangements with all world reputed money exchange, money transfer companies, agencies, online gate way service providers like Payoneer, Pyza etc. Besides this our 22 AD branches have their own dedicated remittance unit to provide both private and commercial remittances services.

Foreign Currency Account :

We are providing foreign currency account facility in favor of our client. We open different types of foreign currency accounts in favor of our clients like i) Private Foreign Currency Account ii) Non-Resident Foreign Currency Account, iii) Residence Foreign Currency Account iv) Exporters’ Retention Quota (ERQ) Account, v) Foreign Currency Accounts for EPZ Companies, vi) Foreign Currency Account for Initial Public Offerings (IPO), vii) Foreign Currency Accounts for Ship Builders and viii) Foreign Currency Accounts for shipping companies, airlines and freight forwarders etc. under compliance of regulatory guidelines.

Offshore Banking Transaction

With a view to catering the banking requirements of non-resident customers, Bank Asia has established Offshore Banking Unit (OBU) in Chittagong Export Processing Zone under a controlled office in Dhaka. OBU acts as a unique solution for the banks around the globe to carry out international banking business which involves foreign currency denominated assets and liabilities taking the advantage of international completive pricing for our clients.

International Credit Card

Bank Asia lounged International Credit Card for its customer in the way to balance repatriation from the foreign currency accounts, meeting expenses for travel, hajj, study, attending seminar/ workshops/ training conference, procurement of IT equipments/ software/ IT expenses, payment of different membership fees, VISA processing fees etc.

LC Advising, Transfer, Confirmation and Discounting facility :

Every branch of the bank has a dedicated team to provide LC Advising, Transfer, Confirmation and Discounting services to the clients. We have more than 600 million US Dollar Credit lines with overseas international reputed world class banks. We have also Confirmation Line of around 100 million USD with IFC and ADB. Besides this, we have Offshore Banking Unit whose asset size is around 300 million USD for confirmation and discount facility for our clients.

Cash Incentive Services :

In order to encourage exports in accordance with the export-led economic growth strategy of the country, the Government of Bangladesh provides export incentives to selected export sectors. The sectors to enjoy such cash incentives and the respective rates to be provided are updated every year through circulars issued by Bangladesh Bank. We are providing very effective guidance and all out supports to our customers through our Authorized Dealers branches as well as from Head Office within the shortest possible time and without any failure.