Star Savings Account is a local currency transactional account that customer uses for interest-earning and savings purpose. This product is designed to facilitate the customers who want to deposit more amount than that of normal saving accountholders.

Key Features

  • The minimum deposit required to open a Stars Savings account is BDT 50,000
  • Rate up to 2.50% interest on account balance subject o fulfillment of criteria
  • No forfeiture rule
  • No online charges, If BDT 50,000 average balance is maintained
  • Cheque Book facility
  • VISA Debit Card
  • No debit card fee, If BDT 50,000 average balance is maintained
  • BDT 100,000 withdrawn facility in a day from ATM, BDT 100,000 from Agent Banking PoS & BDT 150,000 from merchant PoS
  • Convenience of Access
  • Call Centre Service
  • Standing instruction which allows Customers to transfer money to mentioned account on a specific date for a specific amount
  • E-Banking: Internet Banking, Phone Banking, SMS Banking, etc.
  • e-Statement facility

Documents Required

  • Completed account opening form
  • Passport size photograph for each account holder and nominee(s)
  • Proof of identification such as national/Voter's ID, Passport or Driving License of customer and nominee(s)
  • Tax Identification Number (TIN)