ICMAB (The Institute of Cost and Management Accountants of Bangladesh) where ICMAB collects their membership fees as well student’s tuition fees through our e-payment system. Bank Asia has developed a payment module where ICMAB Staffs, Students & Members can pay their fees through the internet based online service and offline payment at any Bank Asia Branches & Agent Outlets.

Process of payment:

  • A customer visits the ICMAB website, browses through ERP solutions, selects their desired service, and goes to the online payment page.
  • Then Customer selects payment information where Bank Asia Payment Gateway will be displayed.
  • When the payment information is validated and the request is completed at the Commerce Server site, the ICMAB site displays a receipt confirming the customer's request.
  • The Commerce Server site then forwards the request to a Processing Network for payment processing and fulfilment through e-payment gateway of Bank Asia Ltd.
  • Payment Gateway takes the payment instruction and sends it to the respective payment processor (i.e. BAL) over secured API connectivity. At all times, Payment Gateway encrypts the data and securely sends it through the payment processing network.
  • The payment instruction is authenticated and then either authorized or declined. Once the Transaction is processed; funds are transferred from the customer’s account to ICMAB account.
  • The payment result is then sent back through the payment gateway to the respective pages of the website.
  • Upon successful transaction, the customer receives a confirmation receipt and the website displays the fulfillment of the request.

Payment Instruments:

E-payment gateway of Bank Asia Limited accepts, verifies and processes a verity of transaction instruments on behalf of the online Banking payment. The various instruments include:

  • Credit cards
  • Debit cards
  • Bank Accounts
  • Internet Banking
  • Mobile Banking

Offered Services

All types of payment collection of Students & Members through branches & agent outlets

Investors Relationship Contact Person

Contact Person : Mohammed Monzur Morshed Bhuiyan
Telephone Number : +88 02- 47110062, 47110247, 47113867, 47110278, 47110173, 47115813, Ext-301
Fax No : +88 02 9514820
Cell No. : +88 01711 198 680
Email : monzur.morshed@bankasia-bd.com