Name of the CAMLCO & Deputy CAMLCO:

Mr. Mohammad Borhanuddin

CAMLCO, Deputy Managing Director & Chief Operating Officer

Chairman, Association of AML Compliance Officer of Bank in Bangladesh (AACOBB)
(Banking experience in different fields for four decades)

Mr. Md. Murshid-Al-Amin

Deputy CAMLCO, Executive Vice President

Head of Anti Money Laundering Department
(Banking experience in different departments for the last 22 years)

Disclosure of AML & CFT Division

SL Title Details
1 Manual on Guidance notes on Prevention of Money Laundering   Download
2 Customer Acceptance Policy   Download
3 Memorandum of Articles of Association   Download
4 Money Laundering & Terrorist Financing Risk Management Guidelines   Download

AML Compliance Information:

  • Worldwide renowned money transmitting institute, 'Western Union' rated Bank Asia as "At par or better than Industry Standard" on AML & CFT issues.
  • Western Union rated Bank Asia in the following categories:


Categories Status
Compliance Officer
Policies and Procedures
Independent Review
Monitoring & Reporting
Record Keeping


Rated by regulatory authority for corporate office on AML & CFT issues since 3rd quarter, 2018 # Satisfactory.