Agent Appointment:

  • Educated people with the ability to operate financial business
  • Any legal business owner
  • Social Entrepreneur
  • Sole proprietor & Partnership business


  • Minimum academic accomplishment at Higher Secondary Level.
  • Capability to manage financial business
  • Financially Solvent person & ability to handle cash transactions
  • Minimum capital requirement BDT 1.5 million for Agent Banking operation
  • An Agent must be well reputed in the vicinity and contain no grave complain as well as not involve in any anti state activities
  • An Agent must be proactive to retain the reputation of the Bank
  • An Agent must be honest, professional and ethical to his duties & responsibilities
  • An Agent must be committed to serve the customers under any adverse circumstances
  • Must have adequate infrastructure to operate the agent banking business

Responsibility of Agent:

  • An Agent must have proper knowledge on his duties & responsibilities to provide accurate service to customer
  • An Agent must ensure security of electronic appliance i.e. computer, webcam, POS printer and Biometric device
  • An Agent will ensure security of important documents including safe keeping of the same for internal audit purpose
  • An Agent will demonstrate the schedule of charges in the Agent banking outlet
  • An Agent will provide report to the bank on periodical basis for activity evaluation
  • An Agent must oblige by the rules & regulation of Bank Asia Agent Banking

Prohibited Tasks:

  • The Agent cannot impose in excess of scheduled charges determined by the Bank
  • The Agent cannot extend any other banking services except Bank Asia services & products
  • The Agent can only operate the transactions through biometric devices and cards and no cheque transaction is allowed
  • The Agent cannot ask the confidential information of the customers like PIN code etc.
  • The Agent cannot involved in any other Banking business except Bank Asia Agent Banking
  • The Agent cannot appoint any sub-agent
  • Foreign currency transaction is strictly prohibited
  • Apart from the above mentioned clauses, the Agent must comply with any other rules and regulation of Bank Asia

Business Continuity Plan:

All data of customers are maintained in central core banking server with sufficient backup and Disaster Recovery site. The customer may perform transactions in any agent booth as well as any branch of Bank Asia Ltd. As a result, if any agent fails to provide services the customers may get services from nearby agent booths and branches. Moreover, Bank Asia will ensure another agent booth in the area for the convenience of the customers as soon as possible. Bank Asia is capable to provide new agent in any existing area within two weeks.

The following Risk Factors are mitigated while operating Agent Banking outlets:

  • Agent's inability to Continue Business
  • Sudden death of Agent
  • Disruption due to natural calamity like, earth quake, flood, Fire etc.
  • Agent’s Business discontinuity
  • In case of failure of any required technological equipment like hardware, software ,Networking, Power & Connectivity
  • Deficiency of cash in Agent Booth may hamper the business operation and motivate customers to go for other ways Agent Booth may be not workable
  • Unavailability of Mandatory documents to run the operations