1. Loan to 10 Tk. Account Holder:

Target Customers:

  • Small/Marginal/Landless Farmer - maximum land of 2.47 acre or less by his or her own name.
  • Micro/Marginal/Small business people –      small grocery shop, cobbler, goldsmith, barber, blacksmith, porter, fisherman, tailor, floating businessman, flexi load and internet service provider, small hotel, flower seller, newspaper hawker, tea stall, book shop, packaging, Hawkers, fruits/ vegetable seller, Rickshaw/ Van puller, electrician, carpenter, masons, painter, welder, plumber, dairy/ poultry farmer, pickle/cake maker, weaver, block/ tie die worker, small & cottage industry, handicraft, confectionary & entrepreneur of food making, VDP member who has training on income generating activities etc. and people engaged in any other similar income generating activity.
  • People affected by natural calamities involved in any income generating activities.
  • Disabled & women entrepreneur.

Minimum initial deposit:

The primary deposit of these accounts will be Tk.10 only without any minimum balance requirements.

Loan limit:

Maximum Tk. 50,000.00 taka

Documents & papers:

  • National ID Card/Birth Certificate/copy of the passport

Financing mode:

  • Direct Financing -  Short term loan (DL, Short term loan)
  • A - Card -  A - Card means the Near Field Communication (NFC0) digital debit /credit card to be provided to the farmer.Only 10 taka account holders of Bank Asia Ltd. is able enjoy the facility of A-card. In this case, approved loan amount will disburse in the 10 taka account of the borrower but he/she will not be able to withdrawal the cash directly from the account. The loan amount will be transferred as a limit of his/her A-card. By using mobile phone borrower can buy different agri component such as Seed, fertilizer, medicine etc from some specific stores or entrepreneur, who can read the small chip of A- Card. All kinds of transaction of A-card will go through by 10 taka account of the borrower.
  1. Solar Energy & Biogas
  2. Extension of modern and advance agri technology

2. Solar Energy & Biogas

3. Extension of modern and advance agri technology