Covered area:

Purchase of agri. equipments i.e. trailers & threshers, power tiller, Deep tube well/Shallow tube well/LLP/Hand driven tube well / water pump/ treadle pump, power & boom sprayers, plough, cultivators, drills, rotavators, diggers, cotton picker, saw machines for crate making, press machines for wheat straw and dry fodder, chisel ploughs, potato planter, sugarcane planter, rice trance planter, self propelled reaper for harvesting wheat and rice crops, etc.

Transport Financing includes: purchase of tractors, refrigeration vans, farm cooling tanks, motorcycles for milkmen, small pickups, mini trucks and chiller carriers, etc.

Installation of Tube wells/Turbine, Sprinkle/Drip irrigation system, water management, solar energy plants, pumps for irrigation system, etc.

Target customers:

Small, marginal and share farmers purchase equipment for the own use.

Financing Mode:

Long term Loan (Maximum 3 years)