Covered area:

  • Production of Fish Fry
  • Production of all kinds of fish/Crab/Mussel/Turtle farming
  • Small business like Production of Dry fish, Catching fish etc,
  • Buying of Trawler, Boat & different equipments and related vehicles
  • Fish/Shrimp hatchery
  • Fish feed production for own purpose.
  • Construction of small cold storage by fishermen
  • Purchase of nets – trawl net/purse-seine/grill nets,
  • Purchase of chilling/freezing plants, fish storage center (distribution center),

Target customers:

  • Proprietorship business engaged in fish farming.
  • Small, marginal and share farmers directly engaged in fish farming.

Financing mode:

  • Short term loan (DL, Short term loan)
  • Long term Loan -Maximum 2 years (only for equipments)