Medical File


  • Bangladeshi nationals travel abroad on health ground or migration process.
  • S/he should maintain an account with Bank Asia Limited.

Required documents for opening a Medical file:

  • Recommendation of Medical Board set by the Health Directorate/appropriate Medical Specialist.
  • Dully Fill-up and sign Bangladesh Bank prescribed Application
  • Cost estimation from foreign medical institutions that includes operation, medicines, consulting fee & boarding and lodging in Hospital/outside.
  • Bank details of hospital.
  • Duly filled bank account form by the applicant and legal guardian.
  • Passport photocopy.
  • Visa copy, etc.
  • Bangladesh Bank prior approval is required for release of foreign exchange exceeding USD 10,000.
  • Production of invoice for Medical Checkup.
  • Requirement of Medical checkup from the employers/requisition of the foreign councilor.
  • Dully filed and signed TM Form.