Corporate Term Deposit Account (CTDA)

Salient Features

  • Institutional term deposit based on Mudaraba Principle
  • Minimum Deposit: Tk.1,00,00,000/-
  • Tenure: 3, 6 and 12 months
  • Different Income Sharing Ratio (ISR) may be applied than regular MTDA


Required Documents to Open Account

  • Account Opening Form (AOF) duly filled in.


For Every Account Operator:

  • One copy of passport size recent photograph duly attested by the introducer.
  • Photocopy of National ID Card or valid Passport
  • Any other document required by the Bank from time to time.


For Limited Company:

  • Certified true copy or memorandum and Articles of Association.
  • Certified true copy of Certificate of Incorporation.
  • Certified copy of Certificate of Commencement of Business(for public Limited Company)
  • Copy of the Resolution of the Board of Directors deciding to open the account with the Bank Asia Limited and authoring specimen signatories for operation of the Account duly attested by the Chairperson/Managing Director.
  • Trade License.
  • E-TIN Certificate.


For Partnership Enterprise:

  • Trade License.
  • E-TIN Certificate.
  • Certified copy of the constitution of the firm.
  • Registered partnership deed /duly notarized partnership deed at will (in case of unregistered firm).
  • Minutes of the Committee meeting deciding to open account with Bank Asia Limited duly certified by the secretary and the chairperson.
  • Copy of laws and by laws /constitution duly attested by proper authority.
  • A copy of the resolution of the committee authorizing specific signatories to operate the account.
  • Certificate of Registration (where applicable).


For Proprietorship Enterprise:

  • Trade License.
  • E-TIN Certificate.