General Corporate Finance

1. Short Term Finance

Secured Overdraft (FO)

An overdraft allowed against lien of FDR or other financial instruments is termed as Secured Overdraft (SOD). Secured Overdraft (SOD) facility to the borrower may be allowed generally in the following ways:

- Overdraft-against FDR / Other financial instruments in the name of borrower

- Overdraft- against FDR / Other financial instruments  in the name of 3rd party


An easy solution for immediate working capital needs of your company. You can either go for a revolving permanent facility fluctuating under a specific financial limit or a one-off facility linked to seasonal requirements.

With an overdraft from Bank Asia Limited, your company is better geared to withstand contingencies in the daily running of the business. Period of overdraft is usually one year and renewable subject to satisfactory account transaction. Period and size of the overdraft facility can be tailored to match your cash flow forecasts. Furthermore you only pay interest on the amount utilized as an overdraft.

LTR (Loan Against Trust Receipt)

LTR facilities are offered as post import finance for retirement of L/C related shipping documents. 

Bill Discounted and Purchased

We provide you advances by discounting or purchasing your bills of exchange when your bills of exchange arises out of commercial transaction both in inland trade and foreign trade.

  • Demand Loan
  • Time Loan


2. Long Term Finance


  • Term Loan

Term Loans are provided to companies for procuring capital machinery, to meet the cost of construction, etc.