Other Social Projects

Initiatives Taka
Prime Minister’s Relief Fund 50,000,000.00
Beparipara Baitunnur Jame Mosjid, Savar 100,000.00
Financial support to Ms. Rashida Kabir Reba, widow of one of the bereaved families of martyred Army officials killed in BDR munity 480,000.00
Contribution to Child Day Care Centre 400,000.00
Advertisement on World Environmental Day 345,000.00
Total 51,325,000.00

In 2018, Bank Asia donated/ sponsored/ spent Tk.51.33 million on the occasion of social project including Beparipara Baitun- nurJameMosjid, Savar, Prime Minister’s Relief Fund, BDR victim Family to help government to carry out its humanitarian activities smoothly.