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Internet Banking

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Interest Rate
General interest & rates are as Bank Aisa declared with the honorable customer are shown below. We offer different rates and interest on different product. Below you will see some tables that include most significant information.

The table below contains the rate chart of Bank Asia :




Interest Rate
Interest Rate Savings Special Notice Deposit (SND)  
For Avg. balance below Tk. 1crore


For Avg. balance below Tk. 1 crore but below Tk. 25crore


For Avg. balance below Tk. 25 crore but below Tk. 50crore


For Avg. balance below Tk. 50 crore but below Tk. 100crore


For Avg. balance Tk. 100 crore and above


Interest Rate Savings  
For Avg. balance below Tk. 1crore 5.50%
For Avg. balance below Tk. 1crore but below Tk. 25crore 8.00%
For Avg. balance Tk. 25crore and above 9.50%


Interest Rate on Fixed Deposit Receipt (FDR)
1 month tenure 10.00%
2 months tenure 10.00%
3 months tenure 12.00%
6 months tenure 12.00%
1 year tenure 12.00%
Above 1 year tenure 11.00%


Interest Rate on Loan & Advances