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Deposit Products
Bank Asia Islamic Banking offers different attractive deposit products under Al-Wadiah and Mudaraba Principle, which is designed to fulfil Shariah Compliance and provides you the maximum convenience & security including reasonable profit, where applicable.
Principles of collecting Deposit
Bank Asia Islamic Banking has a lucrative product line of deposit under Al-Wadiah and Mudaraba Principles...
Smart Junior Saver
Mudaraba Savings Account for children / students under 18 years of age with special benefits ...
Al- Wadiah Current Account
A transaction account for individuals or institutes under Al- Wadiah principle ...
Mudaraba Special Notice Deposit Account (MSNDA)
A transaction account for individuals or institutes under Mudaraba principle ...
Mudaraba Savings Account (MSA)
A transaction account for individuals under Mudaraba principle ...
Mudaraba Term Deposit Accounts (MTDA)
Mudaraba deposit for a fixed period like 1, 2, 3, 6, 12, 24, 36 months & higher ISR/profit ...
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Deposit Products
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Al- Wadiah Current Account
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Smart Junior Saver
Mudaraba Special Notice Deposit
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