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HR Vision & Message
The greatest strength of Bank Asia Limited is its "Human Resources". It is our Human Resources who have brought the phenomenal successes for the company. We believe we have the ability to go beyond and constantly bring about changes for the betterment and success which will lead us to achieve the Bank’s goal. It's all about living our vision, values, codes, leadership, governing principles in our daily life and deliver upon our brand promise – “For A Better Tomorrow”.

Human Resources division has the responsibility of energizing, developing, retaining and attracting truly talented people. It’s our job to ensure that people have the opportunity to release their energies in a constructive and focused way. Human Resources is also responsible to ensure the “Right Person in Right Place in Right Time with Right Position”.

At Bank Asis we create opportunities for individuals to shine, empower people to do better than their best. We invite you to an environment where you will always feel appreciated for the difference you bring. In return, you are expected to work according to the company’s longstanding corporate business principles of Passion, Creativity, Respect, Openness, Simplicity, Ethics, Transparency and Ownership. So, if you are seeking a challenging, yet fulfilling career, we are here to make your dream come true.

At Bank Asia Limited we focus on understanding, leveraging our employees’ strengths to ensure they are in the right roles for them to truly excel, and are committed to helping our people grow, enabling individual to make a difference and our teams to win.

At the core of the Bank Asia, people strategy lies in employee engagement. We encourage and focus on the behavior that brings out the very best from every employee assessing their performance not just on results but on how those results are achieved by focusing on the core competencies of Bank Asia which includes Leadership, Change Orientation, Customer Orientation and Ownership.
Vision Statement
Our vision is to continue to evolve a service oriented environment utilizing a development-focused human resources professional team, and accept the responsibility to assess and improve our dedication to be responsive, polite and supportive to the organization through honesty, motivation, cooperation and collaboration.
Mission Statement
To develop, implement, and support programs and processes which add value to the Bank Asia Limited and its employees, leading to improved employee welfare, empowerment, growth, and retention, while committed to the Bank’s key business drivers, its management and prosperity for its customers, employees and stakeholders.
Bank Asia is unique through demonstration of its values for its human resources to make the processes easy, to keep its promises, to inspire and be respectful by its below core values.
1. Integrity: Because we value integrity, we:
Keep confidences
Do what we say we will do
Do the right thing
Reveal our decision making process
Use consistent and objective standards
2. Responsiveness: Because we value responsiveness, we:
Respond to inquiries and requests in a timely manner
Use data and feedback to improve service delivery and program design
3. Collaboration: Because we value collaboration, we:
Work in partnership toward shared goals
Share information
Do our part by participating fully
Align mutual interests
4. Diversity of Thought and Perspective: Because we value diversity of thought and perspective, we:
Challenge the status quo
Solicit and respectfully consider different perspectives
Include individuals with different backgrounds, ideas and viewpoints
5. Exceptional Quality: Because we value exceptional quality, we:
Strive for perfection and accuracy
Deliver products and services that reflect the HR "brand"
Endeavor to exceed client and colleague expectations
HR Strategic Directions
Promote and support recruiting strategies and collaborate with departments to create a high performing, diverse workforce to ensure right person in right place in right time with appropriate position.
Respond to the needs of the Bank Asia Limited in a helpful, supportive, and pro-active manner and provide "quality" services on which the Bank can rely.
Initiate policy reviews as legislative, economic, or market conditions affect financial, legal or other operations of the Bank Asia Limited and respond appropriately, creatively, effectively and timely with policy and procedure changes.
Develop staff excellence through training and consultation for employees that encourages growth and opportunity and fosters good, open communication and an overall positive work environment for all employees.
Equitably and fairly administer Bank Asia’s’ policies, procedures, and benefits.
Honesty, Customer Excellence and Diversity … Our Key to Success
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