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Fees & Charges
Type of Card Annual Fees Renewal Fees
Platinum 3,000 3,000
Gold 2,000 2,000
Classic 1,000 1,000
Gift Card 200 200
Hajj Card Free Free
Priority Pass Free Free
Supplementary card Free Free
** No annual fee against Priority Pass. However standard charged will apply for Airport lounge access.

** Please DO NOT USE Priority Pass to access Balaka VIP lounge (Dhaka Intíl Airport).

** Use Bank Asia Platinum Card to access Balaka VIP lounge at Dhaka International Airport. Cardholder can access 6(six) times in a year with a companion which is absolutely free.
Late payment Fee Local (BDT) International (USD)
Platinum 500 10
Gold 500 10
Classic 250 5
Over Limit fee
Platinum 500 10
Gold 500 10
Classic 300 5
Card Replacement Fee 500 -
Pin Replacement Fee 500 -
Cheque Return Fee 200 -
Cash Advance Fee 2% or 150 whichever is higher 3%
Cheue Book Issue Fee (10 Leaf) 100 -
Cheque Processing Fee 1.5% -
Interest (monthly) 2.5% 2.5%
Credit Shield Premium 0.33% on monthly outstanding 0.33% on monthly outstanding
**15 % VAT applicable on fees & charges
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