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Redemption of regards points
Reward Redemption Schedule
Bank Asia Credit Cards Treasure Point Value (TK)
2000 Tk. 500.00
5000 Tk. 1100.00
7500 Tk.2100.00
10000 Tk.2800.00
12500 Tk.3800.00
15000 Tk.4600.00
17500 Tk.5500.00
20000 Tk.6100.00
22500 Tk.7500.00
25000 Tk.8000.00
27500 Tk.9000.00
30000 Tk.10000.00
40000 Tk.15000.00
50000 Tk.20000.00
Rewards Catalogue
3 Easy tips to Earn More Treasure Points
Do not leave home without your Bank Asia Credit Card. Shop, Dine and entertain using your Bank Asia Credit Card everyday.
Enjoy the recognition and financial power while earning MORE points.
Use your Credit Card for all payments, For Example, Mobile Bill, Electricity Bill etc. Enjoy total flexibility while earning MORE points.
Use your Credit Card while re-fueling your car or buying groceries.
Enjoy MORE points for frequent purchases.
How to Redeem
We have made it easier for you to redeem the reward of your choice!
Call our 24-hour Call Centre at 01199-883333, 01199-885555, 01714-103893 and speak to our Customer Service Representative.
Provide the Item Code (IC) of your preferred reward from this new Catalogue.
Complete the enclosed Rewards Coupon
Send the completed Coupon to your nearest Bank Asia branch.
FAQ'S- Reward program
Q: How do I earn Treasure points?
A: You earn 1 Treasure Point for every retail purchase of Tk. 50 on your Bank Asia MasterCard Credit Card. The more you charge, the MORE points you get.
Q: Can Supplementary Cardholders also accumulate Treasure Points and claim a Reward?
A: All retail transaction on your Supplementary Card will also earn Treasure Points as mentioned above. And these points are automatically transferred to the Primary Card account. Only Primary Cardholder can request for redemption of Rewards.
Q: How do I redeem treasure Points for Rewards?
A: You can call our 24-hour customer service at 01199-883333, 01199-885555, 01714-103893 when you have earned sufficient Treasure Points for your chosen Reward or fill in the Rewards Coupon enclosed in the Rewards Catalogue and mail it to Card Services, Bank Asia Ltd, Cards Department, House-13/A, (2nd Floor), Road-5, Dhanmondi R/A, Dhaka-1205. Please choose only redemption method for any single redemption. Do not call and send Rewards Coupon at the same time.
Q: How long will it take to receive the reward?
A: You will receive a Reward Redemption Voucher by mail within 20 days of advising us. You will have to collect your chosen reward personally from one of our participating merchants.
Q: Are my Treasure Points encashable?
A: no, the Treasure Points are not redeemable for cash credit. You can only order a reward of your choice from the Rewards Catalogue.
Q: How can I keep track of my Treasure Points?
A: your monthly credit card statement will reflect the total number of Treasure Points you have earned and redeemed.
Q: What happens to my Treasure Points when my card is upgraded/downgraded?
A: Treasure point will be automatically transferred to your new account.
Q: Can I break-up the total Treasure Points I have earned on two 3 different Rewards?
A: Yes, However it also depends on the availability of the items of your choice.
Q: Can I combine Treasure Points earned on two different cards for the redemption of one item?
A: No, The Treasure Points earned on more than one card shall remain separate and distinct and cannot be aggregated for any purpose.
Q: Are Treasure Points transferable to some other account?
A: Treasure Points earned cannot be encashed, sold, transferred or otherwise assigned from one card account to another.
Q: Do I earn any Treasure Point on my Bank Asia international Credit Card?
A: No, Rewards program Is applicable for Bank Asia (Local) Taka Credit Cards only.
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