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Agents are allowed to pay cash to accountholders, disburse foreign remittance and approved SME, agricultural loan.
The customers will request for withdraw of cash from their accounts. The agent will request the customer to put finger to the finger print detecting device which will verify the significance of the authenticity. This procedure is similar to placing cheque over the counter and verifying signature by a bank officer. When finger print will match, it will be linked to the account of the customer. Then, the agent will complete procedures in system to debit the amount as requested by the customer. System will provide an SMS to customer’s registered mobile as well as a printed receipt for the transaction. The agent will provide cash to the customers.
Inward Foreign Remittance:
The customer will come to agent’s premises for withdrawing foreign remittance. The agent will seek necessary information and assist the customer to fill up required form provided by Bank Asia Limited. Once, the customer complete filling up the form by providing necessary information and other documents like NID Card or other photo ID card, agent will input necessary information in the system and the agent will be notified from the system about the authenticity of the claimed amount. If back office finds provided information correct then allows agent to disburse the amount, the agent will provide right amount of cash to the customer and the customer will get a notification to his registered mobile number about this transaction
Loan Disbursement:
The agent will provide cash verifying through finger print for loan disbursement as per request sent from Bank. Customer will get SMS and printed receipt for the transaction.
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