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Agent Responsibilities
Agent must be honest, professional & ethical to his / her duties;
Agent must have proper knowledge about his duties & serve customer Agent Banking facilities;
Maintenance of electronic device (Computer, POS Printer, Finger print machine etc.) and ensures enough security;
Agent preserves all sorts of transaction record, evidence & deeds;
Agent displays fixed charge of agent banking services in his/her booth;
After a certain period of Agent submit regular/daily activities to respective officer;
Agent must be bound to maintain internal rules & regulation of Bank Asia;
Agent is cordially cooperating to all sort of audit;
Beside these other facilities directed by Bank Asia Limited;
Collection & preservation of A/C opening Form & others receipts copy;
Facilitating small value loan disbursement and recovery of loan installments;
Cheque receive for clearing;
Provide salary, pension scheme & other gratuity services;
Collection & preservation of necessary banking E-mail & letters.
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