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Islami Banking Deposit Products
Islamic Banking, a fast growing banking service in Bank Asia Limited may expand its coverage through agent banking. At present, Islamic Banking service is available in five Islamic Windows. Besides, Islamic Banking services are now possible through online system and this procedure is known as SALAMAH. Agent banking may be one of the potential delivery channels for Islamic Banking service.

It needs to be mentioned that the target customers of agent banking are mostly in semi-urban and rural areas and these geographic people is mostly religious minded and want interest free deposit and they will also be interested for islami sariah based banking. So, there lies a huge potentiality. Right exposure at right time can explore this potentiality.
Proposed products for Agent Banking:
Al wadiah current Account
Mudaraba Savings Account
Smart Junior Saver
Mudaraba DPS
Mudaraba Hajj scheme
Mudaraba Term Deposit
Mudaraba Monthly profit deposit
Mudaraba SND Account
Cash waqf
Fund booking and utilization:
Account and fund collected by agent will be booked in Islamic Banking complying islami banking rules under separate Islamic Banking software SALAMAH. However, separate MIS will be maintained to monitor the performance and calculate income of the agents. The fund will be invested/ utilized by Islamic Banking unit of Bank Asia to ensure a Shariah compliant return. The agent will communicate these in an understandable way to the customers that their deposit is calculated separately under Islamic Banking window and profit calculation will also be made separately than conventional banking.
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