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Bank Asia limited a 3rd Generation Commercial Bank established by renowned businessman and dedicated experience Bankers with a vision to provide state of art banking service for mass people. They have successfully acquired the business of 2(two) foreign Banks, The Muslim Commercial Bank and Scotia Bank. Bank Asia has expanded its Branch network all over Bangladesh and have foreign correspondent net work all over the world including own Exchange House abroad. Till now all Banks are operating their business in Urban and semi urban area leaving large numbers of un-banked rural people. To connect the geographically dispersed population to banking net has started Agent Banking recently through Bank’s authorized agent. Bank Asia is the pioneer have successfully introduced Agent Banking in 6(six) Upazila under Munshiganj District as a pilot Project. This success has given the confidence to expand the project all over Bangladesh.
About Agent Banking
Bank Asia Agent Banking Model
Agent Banking Manual
Agent Banking Guidelines
Customer Protection Policy
Regulatory Compliance
Dispute Resolution
Agent Outlets
List of Agent Outlets
Criteria of Agent Appointment
Agent Appointment
Selection Criteria
Responsibility of Agent
Prohibited Tasks
Business Continuity Plan
Form for Application
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